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How to Build Confidence Quickly (3-steps)

What is confidence?

Confidence is an internal feeling of self-assurance associated with one’s own abilities or qualities. The word confidence originates from the Latin term fidere which means “to trust” or “to have faith”. Possessing confidence indicates a sense of self-trust in one’s internal and external capabilities which is then reflected in the form of thoughts and actions.


Why is having confidence important?

The importance of confidence comes from the realization that the internal beliefs we hold about ourselves directly affect the way we behave and the type of results that we are capable of producing. The mind is a powerful tool that can hinder performance as much as it can improve it, understanding that simply believing that you will fail a task drastically increases the likelihood of failure and vice versa with the chance of success improving from believing you will succeed.  The subconscious mind wants to be correct to the extent of influencing one’s actions to remain consistent with predictions. This is why it is essential to build confidence in your internal and external abilities and eliminate and lingering doubt.


How do become a more confident person? (3-steps)
Step 1: Understand that confidence is necessary to becoming successful

Take a second to realize that having confidence is not something you want, but rather something you need. Whether you are trying to nail a job interview, impress a girl or guy, start a new venture, express your feelings, try something new, etc. it is apparent that believing in your ability to succeed will drastically improve your chances. Feeling self-assured is not an option or something only certain people are born with, it is a lifestyle that needs to be developed over time.


Step 2: Practice thinking confidently

After apprehending the need to possess confidence, the next step is to alter the thinking habits that are preventing you from success. Moments before attempting a task the brain often subconsciously predetermines the likelihood of success and the following effort typically matches the prediction. Before attempting the task that challenges your abilities, practice reminding yourself though thoughts or aloud that you are fully capable of success. Talk to yourself with optimism and positivity, think about past displays of success to remind yourself of how impressive you really are and how well you are going to perform in the future. If you find this to be difficult at first proceed to lie to yourself about how well you think you can do, the repetition of this fiction will eventually convince your subconscious mind that it is the truth.


Step 3: Practice acting confidently

Once you have mastered thinking confidently the next logical step is acting confidently. Don’t shy away from difficult tasks, instead engage them with the appearance of confidence even if you have overwhelming feelings of doubt. The practice of acting certain in situations when you feeling quite the opposite will help you feel more confident in the present and create a strong habit that will benefit you in the future. In the face of adversity practice standing tall, walking calmly, breathing slowly, talking smoothly, etc.  With the repetition of thinking and acting confidently, the brain will eventually accept the feeling of certainty to be the reality whether it was originally fabricated or not. Following these steps will result in the creation of real lasting confidence that will significantly benefit you in every aspect of life.




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