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The Secret to Success (1-step)

What does it mean to be successful?

Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Therefore success is relative to each person’s values and objectives. The key to being considered a successful person is to constantly set and achieve new goals.


What are the common misconceptions of being successful?

Measuring someone else’s success is complicated and should be avoided because of the varying aims and purposes that people hold. However, the judgment of others with misconceptions about what success means to them is common. For example, many people believe that success is solely measured by a person’s wealth or status which is highly inaccurate. Although many people strive for great wealth and power it is not everyone’s aim in life. For some people assessing their success based on their financials is unfair. For instance, goals people might hold include, becoming fit and healthy, being happy, creating a functional family, traveling, establishing loving relationships, etc. In conclusion, The moral is that success is contingent on each person’s ability to accomplish their own personal goals.


What is the “secret” to achieving success?

Now that success has properly been defined, the key to achieving it can be revealed. The 1-step secret to success is simply writing down what you want to accomplish. The psychological effect of writing down your goals on paper or electronically is immense. The act of writing down what is desired forces the goals to be defined specifically and inserted into an understandable phrase. Not only will intentions become more clear but viewing the written goals regularly will act as a reminder that will stimulate the brain to find a solution.


How can I use this secret effectively?

To effectively use this secret one must write down what they want to accomplish including a specific time frame for completion. In addition, new goals must replenish the old ones once completed. It is also beneficial to separate goals into long-term and short-term categories which will increase direction and focus.


Example format and goals:

Goals for this month 

  • Lose 5 pounds.
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA in school.
  • Finish the “Think and Grow Rich” book.
  • Apply to 3 new jobs.
  • Go to the gym 20 times.
  • Make 2 new friends.

Goals for this year

  • Weigh 180 pounds (lose 30 pounds).
  • Finish school year with a 3.5 average GPA.
  • Finish 12 new educational books.
  • Get a better paying job.
  • Create 5 new meaningful relationships.

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