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Are These Excuses Holding You Back?

Why do people use excuses?

An excuse is an explanation for why an action was done, why an action was not done, or why an action will not be done in the future. People often use excuses to justify poor results or their lack of action. However, these detailed explanations tend to be fabricated. It is common for people to repeat an excuse so many times that they eventually believe it to be the reality. This is a dangerous habit to get into especially because many are unaware that these excuses are holding them back from greatness.

Everyone has a dream that they would love to pursue, but how come the majority of us find a reason not to? People search far and wide to find a single reason not to attempt something even when the reward greatly outweighs the risk. Therefore, start actively avoiding these common excuses that are holding you back.


What are the common excuses that are holding you back?

Excuse 1.) I am too young. 

There is no appropriate age to learn or try something new. Thinking that you are too young for something will lead to years of your life being wasted. When your young is the best time to try and fail because of how much time you have to grow.

Alternative – It’s never too early to start.

Excuse 2.) I am too old.

There is no appropriate age to learn or try something new applies to being older as well. In fact, people that are older have more life experience and are more prepared than ever to take action.

Alternative – It’s never too late to start.

3.) I don’t have time. 

The truth behind “I don’t have time” is “I don’t want to make time”. It’s important to remember that everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Start making time for things that are important and sacrificing time spent on things that are not.

Alternative – How can I make time for it.

4.) I’m not smart/talented enough.

Thinking that you are not smart/talented enough means you are not willing to put in the effort to improve. Don’t fool yourself, no one is born extremely talented. If you want to be good at something start learning and practicing.

Alternative – How can I improve my knowledge/skills.

5.) I’m waiting for the perfect conditions.

There are no perfect conditions in life. If you are waiting for the ideal conditions to randomly appear, you will be waiting forever. Realize that there is no better time to start something than right now.

Alternative – I can’t wait because there are no perfect conditions.

6.) I don’t have enough money.

Thinking that you don’t have enough money closes your mind down and limits your life. Money can be made with time and creativity. If you don’t have enough money for something start thinking about how you can make more, and then make it happen.

Alternative – How can I make enough money for it.

7.) I don’t have the right connections.

Creating good connections comes from networking. Although having perfect connections isn’t necessary to be successful it can be very helpful. Focus on how you can build those connections rather than dwelling on the fact that you don’t have any.

Alternative – How can I make the right connections.

8.) I’m too tired.

Being too tired for something is admitting that you don’t want to put effort into something. Great things in life take effort and that has to be accepted. Go to sleep earlier, drink some coffee, eliminate stress, find ways to focus more on the things that matter.

Alternative – I’m not too tired for it.

9.) I don’t know what I want yet.

Not knowing what you want is very common and normally results from a lack of searching. If you “don’t know what you want yet” then clearly what you want to do is “find out what you want”. Make searching for what you want the most important thing and you will find it.

Alternative – How can I find what I want.

10.) It’s too hard.

Everything worthwhile in life is difficult. Something being difficult should be looked at as a challenge to overcome not a roadblock. Accept that things are hard and start working. As your knowledge and skills improve it will become much easier.

Alternative – I can do this.


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