SuccessNGU was created with the intent of helping whoever reads it build habits worth a million dollars. Our goal is to spread knowledge that will help the reader take control of their situation and become better as a result.

Our Mission

At SuccessNGU our mission is to educate and inspire people around the world by virtue of
straightforward guidance and with simple yet effective products, with a focus on financial literacy
and the philosophies behind success.

About Us

The name SuccessNGU represents the underlying attitude of the brand: to achieve success, one must be willing to commit to a task, overcome obstacles, and never give up, hence the name “Success Never Give Up”. In addition, the logo consists of a green hand holding a seedling which symbolizes a person’s growth and beauty when supported and fed nurturing information.

The SuccessNGU team is committed to producing content and products for users that will nourish the mind, improve their ability to build wealth, and achieve success. The company prides itself on conducting its work with coherent values of integrity, courage, creativity, and determination throughout every department. Our brand will continue to adapt, overcome adversity, and improve on our path to success just like all of our users.

Justin Keathley

About the Author

Justin Keathley is the CEO of SuccessNGU and  one of the active content creators. Born in 2000, Justin is a young entrepreneur and investor with great vision, passion, and dedication. With an ever-growing accumulation of knowledge and assets, Justin plans on sharing wisdom with the world in an attempt to mentor others to great personal and finical success.