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certificate of deposit

Should I Be Investing In CDs? (Certificate of Deposit)

What is a CD? (Certificate of Deposit) A Certificate of Deposit is a savings account that has a fixed interest rate and a fixed withdrawal date. In addition, CDs require a specific initial deposit that will be held until the maturity date. Another important feature to understand is that typically the longer the time deposit,

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excuses holding you back

Are These Excuses Holding You Back?

Why do people use excuses? An excuse is an explanation for why an action was done, why an action was not done, or why an action will not be done in the future. People often use excuses to justify poor results or their lack of action. However, these detailed explanations tend to be fabricated. It

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Stop multitasking

Why You Need to Stop Multitasking Today

What is multitasking? The word multitasking originates from the computer realm because of a CPUs ability to execute more than one program simultaneously. However, over the years people have adopted this term and altered the definition. Multitasking is now commonly understood to describe a person’s ability to do two or more tasks at the same

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secret to success

The Secret to Success (1-step)

What does it mean to be successful? Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Therefore success is relative to each person’s values and objectives. The key to being considered a successful person is to constantly set and achieve new goals.   What are the common misconceptions of being successful? Measuring someone

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taking risks

Should I Be Taking More Risks?

What does it mean to take a risk? Taking a risk is willingly exposing oneself to a dangerous situation. The word risk holds a negative connotation that makes people wary. This is understandable because of the potential exposure to danger, harm, or loss that is a result of taking a risk. It is very common

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low risk investing

Best Low and No Risk Investments in 2020 (top 5)

What does it mean to invest?  The goal when financially investing is to utilize potential assets in order to receive further profits. This concept often compounds meaning the larger the number of assets owned the more profits that can be earned and reinvested. Money for example has the ability to be converted into a cash-flowing

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