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Habits Worth A Million Dollars

Learn Sales

Why You Need to Learn Sales

What Is Sales? American author, salesman, and motivational speaker “Ziglar” was right when he claimed that everyone is in sales. Typically when you picture a salesperson, you probably imagine a man wearing a suit in a car dealership or someone knocking on your front door with a product to sell. In reality, most people “sell”

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Winning resume

How to Build a Winning Resume

What Is a Winning Resume? The idea of trying to fit all of your relevant achievements, skills, and experiences when applying for a job on a single sheet of paper can be intimidating. Considering that the average recruiter only spends 5-10 seconds looking over a resume, it is important to have a noticeable and eye-catching

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Professional Network

Professional Networking (For Beginners)

What is a Professional Networking? Networking is any means of interacting with others to exchange ideas and develop professional or social contacts. Every day we network with others, whether it be a quick conversation with a stranger or running an idea past a close friend. When it comes to professional networking, though, you should weed

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elevator pitch

What Is the Elevator Pitch

What is an Elevator Pitch Imagine you are starting your first day at a new company. As you enter the lobby, you recognize the CEO of your new company walking in the right after you. Moments later, you find yourself sharing an elevator ride up with him/her. You want to introduce yourself in a way

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active listening

How to Start Actively Listening

What is Active Listening? Active listening is a way of expressing attentiveness and enthusiasm when listening to someone else. Showing that you have a genuine interest in what the speaker is saying will tell them that you actually care. Getting this across is key to establishing a connection with anyone. Therefore, by practicing active listening,

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books for building wealth

Best Books for Building Wealth (Top 4)

Why are Books Important? Everyone who has dedicated their life to becoming financially successful has encountered many failures caused by ignorance. Failures and fear are inevitable on the journey to success. Therefore, you should embrace the lessons taught at each setback. The books listed below contain remarkable individuals who have walked the treacherous path to

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