Habits Worth A Million Dollars

The power of habit

How Powerful Are Habits?

What Are Habits? Although you may not realize it, studies by neurobiologists show that habits control up to 95% of human behavior. Habits can be either good or bad, but they are difficult to give up once learned. Maybe you’ve felt like you have fallen into a routine that makes it hard to learn new

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Stop multitasking

Why You Need to Stop Multitasking Today

What is Multitasking? The word multitasking originates from the computer realm because of a CPUs ability to execute more than one program simultaneously. However, over the years, people have adopted this term and altered the definition. Multitasking is now commonly understood to describe a person’s ability to do two or more tasks simultaneously. Therefore, people

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taking risks

How to Take More Risks

What Does It Mean to Take a Risk? Taking a risk is willingly exposing oneself to a dangerous situation. The word risk holds a negative connotation that makes people wary. This is understandable because of the potential exposure to danger, harm, or loss resulting from taking a risk. It is common for people to fear

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letting go

How to Let Go of Attachments

What Is Attachment? The mental construct of attachment is a powerful and influencing emotion that is faced by every conscious being. Attachment can take several forms, whether it be money, people, possessions, or situations. It acts as a motivator to drive a person to both positive and, more than likely negative extremes. In addition, it

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build confidence

How to Build Confidence Quickly (3-steps)

What Is Confidence? To build confidence, we must first understand what it is. Confidence is an internal feeling of self-assurance associated with one’s own abilities or qualities. The word confidence originates from the Latin term fidere, which means “to trust” or “to have faith.”. Possessing confidence indicates a sense of self-trust in one’s internal and

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morning routine

Best Morning Routines for Millionaires

Why Are Morning Routines Important? In many ways, the beginning of your day has a strong influence on how you will spend the rest of your day. By planning out a morning routine and committedly following through with it, you can start your day ready to overcome any obstacles. This article contains popular routines practiced

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