Habits Worth A Million Dollars

letting go

Letting Go of Attachments

“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.” Simone Weil The mental construct of attachment is a powerful and influencing emotion that is faced by every conscious being. Attachment can take several forms whether it be money, people, possessions, or situations. It acts as a motivator

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build confidence

How to Build Confidence Quickly (3-steps)

What is confidence? Confidence is an internal feeling of self-assurance associated with one’s own abilities or qualities. The word confidence originates from the Latin term fidere which means “to trust” or “to have faith”. Possessing confidence indicates a sense of self-trust in one’s internal and external capabilities which is then reflected in the form of

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morning routine

Morning Routines for a Millionaire Mentality

In many ways, the beginning of your day has a strong influence on how the rest of your day will be spent. By planning out a morning routine and committedly following through with it you can start your day ready to overcome any obstacles with a driving motivation to be successful. In this article, you

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overcome fear

How to Overcome Fear (Become Fearless)

What is fear? Fear is an unpleasant and often very strong emotion that is triggered when being physically, emotionally, or psychologically threatened. This perceived danger causes the body to prepare for fight or flight and interestingly can result from real or imagined situations. The body reacts to fear by increasing the heart rate to pump

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How to Improve Your Self-Discipline (5-steps)

What is self-discipline? Self-discipline the ability to control one’s actions in order to do what is correct despite temptations. Discipline can be demonstrated through action towards what is considered right or through inaction when unproductive urges arise. This form of self-control is a mental skill that requires consistent practice and education. Why is self-discipline important?

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active listening

The Art of Active Listening

Whether it be a friendship, co-worker, spouse, or manager, communication is a fundamental part of every relationship. Even though the act of speaking and listening is simple, truly listening and comprehending in today’s loud and fast-paced world has become increasingly difficult. Often times we face issues due to a misunderstanding that could easily be prevented

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