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overcome fear

How to Overcome Fear (Become Fearless)

What Is Fear? To overcome fear, we must first understand what it is. Fear is an unpleasant and often powerful emotion triggered when being physically, emotionally, or psychologically threatened. This perceived danger causes the body to prepare for fight or flight. Interestingly, this can result from real or imagined situations. The body reacts to fear

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How to Improve Self-Discipline (5-steps)

What is Self-Discipline? Self-discipline is the ability to control one’s actions to do what is correct despite temptations. Discipline is demonstrated through actions towards what is considered right or through inaction when unproductive urges arise. To Improve self-discipline requires mental strength that comes from consistent practice and education. Why is Self-Discipline Important? Developing this skill

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active listening

How to Start Actively Listening

What is Active Listening? Active listening is a way of expressing attentiveness and enthusiasm when listening to someone else. Showing that you have a genuine interest in what the speaker is saying will tell them that you actually care. Getting this across is key to establishing a connection with anyone. Therefore, by practicing active listening,

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books for building wealth

Best Books for Building Wealth (Top 4)

Why are Books Important? Everyone who has dedicated their life to becoming financially successful has encountered many failures caused by ignorance. Failures and fear are inevitable on the journey to success. Therefore, you should embrace the lessons taught at each setback. The books listed below contain remarkable individuals who have walked the treacherous path to

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How to Create Undefeatable Motivation

What is Motivation? Have you ever wanted to try something new, maybe learn how to play guitar, join a club, start a business, or go to the gym more regularly, but for some reason, can’t find the motivation to do it? This is a common problem for many people, but the question is, why? Motivation

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Successful mindset

Build a Successful Mindset (3-steps)

What is Success? Success is simply accomplishing an aim or purpose, yet it is estimated that only 8% of people who set New Years’ goals can achieve them. The lack of a successful mindset will almost always lead to a lack of accomplishment. This explains the staggering reality that most people don’t know how to

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