How to Let Go of Attachments

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What Is Attachment?

The mental construct of attachment is a powerful and influencing emotion that is faced by every conscious being. Attachment can take several forms, whether it be money, people, possessions, or situations. It acts as a motivator to drive a person to both positive and, more than likely negative extremes. In addition, it can be a blinder that only allows you to see a narrow outlook of a situation. By understanding and observing how attachment affects your perspective, relationships, and motivation, you can learn how to let go of attachments and refocus yourself to a more successful and more genuine self.

Identify Your Attachments

Recognizing your current attachments is the first step to detachment. Make a list of the things, people, and situations you prioritize most in life. Once they are all written down, go down the list and imagine how it would feel if they suddenly disappeared from your life. If you think you would feel empty, incomplete, or unable to continue without these things, they are likely an attachment to you that could be holding you back.

Understand Why

Now that you have determined what you feel attached to consider why you feel that way. Often, attachment comes when you relate something or someone to your identity, and therefore without them, your identity is altered and shaken. By identifying your unhealthy attachments, you can then take steps to free yourself from them.

Letting Go of Attachments

Understanding that you are your own individual and not allowing outside forces to define you will relieve you of the negative consequences of attachment. Many of the things that we cling to come with unrealized issues. By choosing to let go of these attachments, you can see reality more plainly as it is and use this clear-headedness to prioritize yourself.

Change Your Perspective

Relying on attachments to satisfy our inner-self causes us to spend time worrying, stressed, or afraid. By letting go of these things, your perspective will shift, allowing you to escape the mindset of reliance to one of self-dependence. Focus the energy that you previously diluted on positive and productive things.

Changing your mindset is not something that happens overnight, and it requires mindfulness and dedication. Be observant when you feel attachments and be aware of how these attachments influence your decisions. Actively choose to redirect the negative effects of attachment to positive and constructive outputs.

The question is, what is stopping you from let go of your finite attachments?


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