How to Take More Risks

taking risks

What Does It Mean to Take a Risk?

Taking a risk is willingly exposing oneself to a dangerous situation. The word risk holds a negative connotation that makes people wary. This is understandable because of the potential exposure to danger, harm, or loss resulting from taking a risk. It is common for people to fear taking risks in life and prefer to remain consistent. Consistency is comfortable and will create familiar returns, while risk often has unknown consequences.

What Risks Are People Afraid to Make and Why?

Common Things People Are Afraid to Risk and The Corresponding Reasons
  • Money – (fear of losing money)
  • Time – (fear of wasting time)
  • Reputation – (fear of having an inconsistent reputation)
  • Job – (fear of losing a current job, or inability to find a better one)
  • Comfort – (fear of feeling uncomfortable)
  • Failure – (fear of feeling like a loser)

Why Is Taking Risks Beneficial?

Taking risks in life is a necessary process for anyone that desires success. Negative outcomes are possible when taking a chance, but it is the price you must pay to continue to improve and elevate. Living a life controlled by fear will create comfortable and consistent life patterns that won’t encourage progress. Although the positive outcomes of taking a risk almost always outweigh the negative ones, it is imperative to research and prepare before taking a risk to ensure the greatest probability of success. After proper preparation, taking a risk should feel like a calculated chance with the odds in your favor. Not only will success likely be the outcome, but encountering a failure will be a valuable learning experience. Taking calculated risks not only will open your life to endless possibilities but also can create a more exciting and enjoyable life.

What Risks Should I Start Taking and Why?

Common Things People Should Risk and The Corresponding Reasons
  • Money – (Chance of creating immense wealth)
  • Time – (Chance to build wealth and create future free time)
  • Reputation – (Chance to create an even better reputation)
  • Job – (Chance of finding a dream job and higher pay)
  • Comfort – (Chance of improvement and elevation)
  • Failure – (Chance of being successful)


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