The Best Budgeting App in 2021 (Mint)

best budgeting app

What is the Best Budgeting App in 2021?

A budget is a financial plan that estimates income and sets expense limits within a given period of time. Understanding how to create and follow a good budget is essential to building long-term wealth. Therefore, finding a budgeting tool to help aid your financial habits is significant. Mint is by far the best budgeting app available in 2021 so far.

This tool is a free-to-use application that you can download on the Apple app store or Google play. It is currently the #1 most downloaded personal finance app with over 25 million users. In addition, the platform is continuously being upgraded and includes various security features.

Is it Safe to Use?

Mint has many safety features that make it secure to use such as,

  • Created by the makers of TurboTax and QuickBooks. (popular and trusted sites)
  • Uses security scanning with VeriSign to help ensure security for sensitive data transfers.
  • Utilizes multi-factor authentication to protect access to accounts.
  • Uses 4-digit code to protect access to the application.
  • Holds login user name and password information in a multi-layered hardware and software encryption database.

How Does Mint Make Money?

This is a free application, so it is important to understand how Mint is making money. They have carefully selected partner offers that can also help the user build their wealth. In other words, from collected data, they will recommend products from other companies that could best benefit you. Users utilizing products from other companies as a result of the recommendations essentially earn Mint commission payments.

What Are Some of the Unique Features?

Budgeting Tool

Mint will atomically create budgeting goals for you in specific spending categories. These goals are based on past spending habits and have the intention of saving you money. You can also adjust these goals and create new ones if you desire. In addition, there is an option to create a specific savings goal with a chosen dollar amount and time frame. Furthermore, they will track your total monthly income and spending, which can easily be compared to other months. Combining these tools will make you more aware of where your money is going and help you plan your spending in the future.

Credit Monitoring

Being aware of your credit score is important for many financial reasons, such as attaining credit cards or loans. Therefore, mint offers a feature that will keep track of your credit score through TransUnion. This feature also includes a full breakdown our your credit score, which explains what is impacting it the most.

Net Worth Tracking

On the main page of Mint, there is an attractive and easy-to-use graph that shows the progress of your net worth. This graph includes the combination of all cash, credit cards, loans, and investments on file to determine your overall net worth. This feature encourages as you see your financial progress over the months and years.


Like previously mentioned, Mint will recommend products from other companies based on data collected. For example, based on your credit score, they will recommend credit cards or loans that you can likely qualify for. In addition, they will recommend other company’s tools such as investment accounts, brokerage accounts, IRAs, home affordability calculators, and loan repayment calculators.

With all of these easy-to-use features, Mint is currently the best budgeting and multiuse financial app in 2021.



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