How to Control Your Motivation

Have no motivation

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the general desire or willingness of a person to take action. The initiative to ack can be incited by outside forces (extrinsic motivation) or inside forces (intrinsic motivation). Regardless of where the energy derives from, having this ambition is essential to obtaining goals and success. However, studies have shown that a substantial number of people claim they have no drive or lack a sufficient amount of it.

Surprising Statistics
  • 92% of people that set New Year’s Goals fail to achieve them.
  • Motivation manifests inside the mind, Motivation is thought.
  • Motivation comes from neurochemical networks that develop over time.
  • 40% of high school students are chronically disengaged from school.
  • Motivation is a cyclical process. More thoughts equate to more actions, and more actions equate to more thoughts.
  • Motivation is highly connected to needs. If you think you need it, you will be more motivated to get it.
  • Interaction with motivated people increases your motivation.
  • 71% of the American workforce is disengaged from their job.
  • 69% of college dropouts quit because of a lack of motive.

Why Do Lack Motivation?

People claim they lack motivation for many reasons, but it always stems back to 1 of 3 problems, a lack of direction, lack of organization, or lack of accountability.

Examples With Explanations

1.) I didn’t have the motivation to do well in college, so I dropped out. (Lack of direction) These students didn’t have a direction for their career path. Consequentially they couldn’t see the value in taking classes.

2.) I always wanted to start a business but could never find the motivation. (Lack of organization) This person knew what they wanted but never took time to develop a plan for achieving it. The task seemed too difficult because they never organized the huge job of starting a business into achievable chunks.

3.) I don’t have the motivation to work and go back to school. (Lack of accountability) This person wants to go back to school but uses excuses for why they can’t. They blame their work as the reason for not accomplishing a goal when in reality, that person controls where and how much they work.

4.) I am just not a motivated person. (Lack of accountability) This person claims that they don’t have ambition due to genetic reasons beyond their control. They fail to take responsibility for their current situation and change their bad habits.

How Do I Overcome Having No Motivation?

First and foremost, to overcome having a lack of motivation, you must figure out specifically where you want your life to be in the future. This will create a sense of direction. Contemplate what you want to achieve by the end of the year, five years, ten years, etc. Secondly, you must organize how you are going to get there. You must break down the big goals into attainable steps to work towards every week or month. Finally, you must track your progress and take accountability when you are not meeting your short-term goals. If you notice that your progress is slower than expected, reevaluate your procedure or alter the goal altogether. In other words, figure out what is causing your inefficiency and improve it or reevaluate whether the goal you decided to pressure needs to be replaced.

Expert Tips
  1. Write down your most important long-term goals.
  2. Write down your monthly/short-term goals that lead to progress towards your long-term goals.
  3. View your goals daily.
  4. Log or journal what goals were and were not accomplished every month.
  5. Examine the goals that weren’t accomplished and alter your process or the goal.
  6. Be consistent and trust the process.
  7. Share your goals and successes with like-minded people.


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